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What Is the Smile Game Builder Athanaeum?
The Smile Game Builder Athanaeum is dedicated to Smile Game Builder (SGB), an excellent program for creating your own 2D and 3D styled RPG games, with the emphasis on 3D.

An "athenaeum" is an institute or place for promoting learning. And that’s the intention and purpose behind the site, to share learning about SGB.

SGB Community Forum
The Smile Game Builder Community Forum is a forum dedicated to Smile Game Builder (created and maintained by Giuliani). Although comparatively small, it has a good range of topics.

I’d highly recommend you register and join.

SGB Discord
We have a dedicated to Smile Game Builder Discord server. Whether you have questions about SGB or about models or want to chat, this is the place for you.
Come join us for some fun!
This was formerly known as SGB Fenix because it was like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old one created by Soryn, but it has been resurrected, renewed and rebranded.

You can visit the SGB Discord section for more information on rules, channels and commands.

SGB Video Tutorials
For easy reference, you can view the Tutorials Complete List, along with content synopses.

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